In this article I’ll guide you through the steps to download only the WordPress plugin from Envato (CodeCanyon) and not the documentation or licenses. Why would you want to do something like that? Don’t you want to download and read the documentation files first, so you’ll know what you’re getting in to?

If the answer is no, and you just want to save some time and not having to download the complete archive and extract the installable plugin archive from it, than read on..

First go to the Downloads section of your Envato Marketplace profile and find the WordPress plugin (same goes with the themes) and click on the download button. This will trigger a dropdown list for you to choose which files you want to download. As shown on the image below:

Just click on the “Installable WordPress file only” to download the ready to install plugin only and the download will start automatically.

That’s it. Hope this quick guide helps you save time and disk space by not having to download the complete archive along with the documentation and licenses. Cheers!

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