There is no other plugin on the market that can match it’s exact features and performance. This plugin deals with one of the most common problems in WordPress administration: Duplicating WordPress content.

Duplicate anything in WordPress

Duplicator is a WordPress plugin that allows you to clone posts, pages, custom post types, widgets, sidebars, menus, menu items, categories, tags, custom taxonomies and a lot more..

Works with all major plugins

Duplicate WordPress integrates beautifully with most popular plugins out there such as: Jetpack, WooCommerce, Pods, WPML, Beaver Builder, Polulang, Elementor, Dokan and more.

More power? It’s easily extendable

If you’re a plugin developer, We suggest you to read the Documentation first to ensure compatibility between your plugin(s) and Duplicate. Feel free to contact us so we can keep in touch and collaborate.

Posts & Pages

The hassle of bloggers and writers that use WordPress for their publishing is finally over. Forget old days where you had to copy&paste all the content from one page to another so that all your pages have the same form. Now with Duplicate WordPress plugin you’ll be able to copy all content from one page to another with a single click. Yes it’s that easy!

Widgets & Sidebars

Duplicate any widget including custom widgets with a click of a button. Copy all widgets from one sidebar to another or even create copies of the whole sidebars that have widgets. This will save you a ton of time while creating your websites.

Menus & Menu Items

Imagine coping menu items and whole menus that have menu items in them. You don’t have to imagine, just use the Duplicate WordPress plugin. It can also copy custom styles, icons and other settings that you have for your menu items and duplicate them to new ones.

Tags & Categories

Tags, Categories and other custom taxonomies like portfolio categories, WooCommerce product categories and many more. Duplicate them with a single click.

Plays well with the big kids

As a standalone plugin Duplicate works out of the box and makes editing your content easier.
But for more advanced users we’ve integrated it with some other plugins that you might be using.

Duplicate Jetpack Widgets

Jetpack supercharges your WordPress site, but combined with the Duplicate, you’ll get content editing easier.

Duplicate WooCommerce Products

Runing a store? No problem, Duplicate plugin will make your job as a Store Manager a lot easier! Duplicate products, categories & orders.

Duplicate Beaver Pages

If your WordPress website was built using the Beaver Builder plugin you can extend it’s functionality with Duplicate plugin.

Duplicate Elementor Pages

Another great page builder plugin that Duplicate supports is Elementor. Duplicate posts & pages (along with all their elements) with a single click.

Duplicate Page Translations

If you are using the WPML plugin (which we recommend) you can easily copy pages, posts, widgets, etc. along with their translated pages.

Duplicate Polylang Translations

Duplicate posts & pages along with their translated pages to a new ones so that you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Duplicate Custom Fields

Since version 2.3 Duplicate supports ACF. Duplicate any custom field created with the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin.

Duplicate Dokan Products

Prefer Dokan over WooCommerce? No problem, duplicate any product, tag, category or even orders created with the Dokan plugin.

*Includes lifetime updates
and priority support.

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